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  1. Hello Katelyn
    All final exams are done online for further questions please contact us at 734-762-3220

    Thank You


  2. Nancy , I am trying to do my homework consquently, week 2 will not allow me to review material . Im not sure what is happening . I am about to review other material but wk 2 .

  3. For the Patient Care Tech course when I go to week 6- final, there is only the practice final. Is the final online for this course?

  4. Hello Joshua
    That is the correct login
    please contact our office at 734-762-3220 for more help

    Thank You

  5. I was wondering if we have to do the test in week 1 and 2 and if so I cannot access the week one test

  6. Hello Memedelahaye
    Sorry you are having issues with accessing the test please contact the office we will assist you 734-762-3220

    Thank You

  7. I still have not received my EKG/Telemetry course book and it should have been mailed out on 04/12. Do you know how long it usually takes to receive the book? I also have not been able to access any coursework, only the videos and reading materials. Are there any assignments or homework with this course or is it only practice test and the final test?

  8. Hello Joshua
    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused normally we are able to get the books out to the students pretty quickly unfortunately our books are on back order and we are currently waiting for them to arrive as soon as we receive them we will get them out to you.
    For information regarding your online course please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5 pm

    Thank You

  9. Hello Joshua
    Yes we sent them out this morning you should receive them by the end of the week.
    Thank You for your patience


  10. Hi nancy I want ask you about medical assistant which day gonna be on July 26 is it on Wednesday and phlebotomy Tuesday in Sterling hts school?

  11. Hello Olliah
    We had to change passwords due to security issues please call our office at 734-762-3220 for new password

    Thank You

  12. I was wanting to find out about getting an extension or possibly a refund on the course we signed up for. We have had computer issues and other personal issues since enrolling and I have been unable to to any course work or studying, I have also been unable to access my course. Please let me know what my options are as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

  13. Hello Chrisma
    Please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5 pm
    We would be more than happy to assist you

    Thank You

  14. I can not get into the screen for my final. When I get log in, and pull the Course Login tab, then scroll down to click Phlebotomy250, it is asking me to type my password in again. Then click enter, and I get enter password again. Im trying to do my final.

  15. I cannot log in to the phleb/cardio205, i am not sure if the log in info is incorrect , I am using Mozilla fire fox, internet explorer and google chrome none is working.

  16. I believe I have completed the 2 online exams and faxed the cardiac arrhythmia test; how do I get the scores for those and continue to the National exam?

  17. Dear Admin,

    I don’t believe I was ever given a log in code for my classes. I’ve been searching my email to no avail. I was also told that I was going to receive my books last Monday/Tuesday. I’m just making sure that these are still coming in, because I would appreciate getting the ball rolling on my class.

    I understand to call the office, but since it is not within business hours, I thought maybe to post here for a quicker response? I would really love to start my class today so any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much,

  18. Hello Kathleen
    Please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-6 pm
    This way we can better assist you

    Thank You

  19. Good morning, I am unable to login to my course and my profile says that ‘I do not have the correct permissions to activate the G1 GMaps plugin’….help!

  20. HI I’m unable to find the login page. I have the user name and password that was giving I class but I don’t see where to enter it.

  21. How long does it take do be able to log into classes. The sooner the better for me

  22. Hello Deboise
    Please check your email you were sent access on May 15th please check your junk mail for additional questions please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-6 pm Saturday 9-1 pm

    Thank You

  23. Hello Amy
    Please contact your online instructor Nancy Kimmel at 313-826-2381 she will assist you

    Thank You

  24. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I got all my books, Thank you so much for getting them out to me quickly. Also, I have been going over all the plethora of information from the email attachments. I have browsed through all of the courses and watching the videos. Now just figuring out where to start, I am really enjoying going through all the courses and seeing all that I will be learning.. wow.. anyway, Thank you again for getting all the email attachments and books out to me.

  25. Hello Brenda
    Your welcome it is our pleasure please if you need anything let us know

    Thank You

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