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The Following Certifications and Training is now being offered to students in both a classroom setting at our campus or Online , we also offer Study Guides and Phlebotomy Training on-Demand Videos:

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Become a CNA, be happy and successful Become a CNA, be happy and successful. (We offer several CNA options. The $1000 option includes books, scrubs, CPR Certification (2 year), Medication Aide Certification (online 48 hour module) and a one day phlebotomy/EKG seminar which introduces students to drawing blood and performing EKGs. The Basic option for $800 will cover the class and clinicals. Ypsilanti pricing is $650 and has limited seating. Please call 313-575-1214 for more information on the Ypsilanti schedule. Classes are forming monthly.   Our CNA class is approved by the State of Michigan.  This class meets entirely on campus with clinical practicum hours completed at local long term care facilities.
This program meets two times per week for 6 weeks. Next Class begins January 24th, Friday and meets every Friday and Saturday from 8-2:30 for 6 weeks. SCHOOL APPLICATION (fill out online and fax back to (734 762 1718).

Nursing Assistant Classes

Take up to 6 months to complete the coruse.

Get your 5 Certifications as an EKG Tech, Telemetry Tech, IV. Tech, Phlebotomy Tech and the National Telemetry Exam

This is our premier online course, where students can get 5 certifications for only $500.00

The certifications include,

1.Electrocardiogram Technician,

2. Phlebotomy Technician,

3. I.V. Technician,

4. Telemetry Technician

5, National Telemetry Exam.

Already in the field?  Previous experience counts toward your clinical hours.  Emergency Medical Technicians, Para Medics, RN’s, LPN’s CNA’s and those with little to no experience can now get the certifications in job fields that are in demand.  Students will receive login passwords and user access codes to the courses when they enroll. Their instructors will contact them via email with the necessary paperwork and syllabi for each of the courses.  Students will always be able to speak directly to their instructor who will guide them to success throughout their course.  Our friendly staff can also help with resume preparation. Best Wishes on everyone’s future in the medical field.

school application Please print off and fax back to 734-762-1718

Call 313-826-2381 for info

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