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Questions?  Please call us at (734) 762-3220 extension 1

Phlebotomy Career Training understands the adult students need for a quality education, hands on learning atmosphere and fast track career path.

Professor Kimmel, director of the school, has complied all her years of experience as a university professor to build courses with a curriculum designed to graduate proficient and competent students in their prospective medical career choice.

PCT offers medical certification courses designed for the busy adult.

At Phlebotomy Career Training, our teachers take great care in training students in new skills,to help them embark on new careers.
Since 2009, Phlebotomy Career Training has been graduating Michigan residents in the professions of Phlebotomy (more) , Cardio-Phlebotomy, Telemetry, Certified Nursing Assistants, EKG Technician, IV Technicians and Hazardous Materials Handlers.  New classes that have just been added include Pharmacy Technician, Home Health Aide and Medication Aide.

Students can feel confident that they will have the necessary skills to begin work immediately after graduation.
Location: 28050 Ford Rd Garden City, MI 8135

Our hours of operation: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm with hours on Saturday from 9:00 am -12 noon.  We can be reached at:

(734) 762-3220 option 1 or on our administrators mobile lines at

(313) 826-2381 (Nancy) & (313) 461-6668 Mr. Taji

Phlebotomy Career Training specializes in training medical personnel in a variety of specializations.  Courses range from 4 weeks to 5 months in duration.  Students can expected professional educators and quality instruction throughout their course.  Hands on training in the classroom helps the student feel confident as they learn to apply their new skills.   Classes are offered at the school as well as online, depending upon the program of choice.  PCT has been educating students and professionals throughout the U.S. with online programs for over 8 years.


This is a cake that one of our students made for graduation day. We wanted to share it with everyone.









Phlebotomy Career Training is now in its 8th year of training qualified phlebotomists, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, pharmacy techs, ekg techs and dialysis technicians.  We would like to share our educational achievements with the world. By doing so, we would also like to offer everyone a coupon for $25 toward their next course, books or other merchandise. Phlebotomy Career Training specializes in fast track hands on training in the medical field.  Training medical personnel is a great responsibility. Our instructors take their work seriously. Training students to become responsible, competent and compassionate health care providers is the goal and missions of our school. We currently have contracts with many hospitals and clinics throughout the state of Michigan. Our students come from all parts of the state and out of state to take our courses and we are thankful for their dedication and commitment. Our educators have over 20 years of experience in the medical field and many are working full-time as well. Our mission is to bring theory and practice into the classroom.
Our graduate students have become physicians, dentists, physician assistants, nurses and other medical professionals. Their training in class has helped them accomplish their goals. We are proud of each and every one our students. We will continue to bring excellence into the classroom as we develop new curriculum and add more courses to our schools repertoire of certifications.

Nancy Kimmel RN, PhD, CHMM, MSN FNP (2016)
Office: 734-762-3220, Mobile (313) 826-2381 Mobile: (313) 461-6668

Courses that are offered:

Payment plans accepted:
Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician $800 (7 Certifications) (Online option only $600)

Cardio-Phlebotomy is the study of skin puncture and venipuncture for the purpose of collecting blood  for laboratory testing, with a specialization in the cardiovascular system and clinical laboratory sciences.  The course includes principles of proper phlebotomy technique, specimen processing, patient care, maintenance and use of equipment, record keeping and basic principles of anatomy and physiology, disease process, therapeutic communication, hazardous materials management, IV insertion techniques, clinical laboratory processing and testing, medication and cardiac arrhythmia interpretation.    Students enrolling in this program do not need any prior medical experience.  Certifications with the new course include: Cardio-Phlebotomy, IV Tech, National Telemetry Exam, Telemetry Certification, Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Medication Aide and Electro-cardiogram national exam.  Students are eligible to sit for the national phlebotomy exam through the AMCA or the N.C.C.T.  Externships through local hospitals are available upon successful completion of the course.

Phlebotomy Technician $500 (Online option $399) Clinical Lab Assistant Certification and National Phlebotomy Exam through the N.A. P.T.P. (National Association of Phebotomy Technician Professionals)

A phlebotomist is responsible for obtaining blood samples from patients either in an out-patient setting or in a hospital.  A phlebotomist must understand how to maintain a sterile field while using venipuncture collection needles and tubes.  Order of draw must be adhered to at all times, in order for the lab to process the blood properly and obtain optimal results.  The phlebotomist must be compassionate and professional at all times, providing the utmost respect for their patients of all ages.  Phlebotomist perform venipunctures on infants, children, elderly and adults.  Our phlebotomy instructors are all currently working as phlebotomist in hospitals and have over 20 years experience in the medical field.  Phlebotomy Career Training requires students to perform venipunctures under the supervision of their instructors through Garden City Diagnostic Labs on site.
Students are offered national certification through either the A.M.C. A. or the N.C.C.T. upon completion of 25 -30 successful venipunctures, as well as 40 hours of off site clinical rotation and 100 venipunctures through the schools contracted hospital lab sites.

Certified Nursing Assistant $675  (includes Home Health Aide and Medication Aide Certifications)

This course is entirely in class.  The CNA class is a 75 hour course.  Students meet in classroom and attend clinicals.
Students will be able to sit for the Michigan Certifying CENA exam through Thompson Prometric upon completion of the course. Materials Provided. To become a certified nurse aide in Michigan 1 Complete the Michigan Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Registration form. The registration form is also available online at www.prometric.com/NurseAide/MI. 2 Prepare for your tests, using the content outlines in this bulletin—Page 11. 3 Take your tests at your scheduled regional test site. Be sure to bring the necessary identification with you to the test site—Page 4. 4 Once you have passed both tests, Prometric will send you your certificate and you will be placed on the Michigan Registry.  Certified nursing assistants play a key role as members of the comprehensive healthcare team in a variety of medical settings – CNAs are employed in hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, community care facilities and as home health aides in patient’s homes. Regardless of where you work, many of your responsibilities will be the same; however, some duties may differ depending on the type of facility or location of employment.  Our instructors are all RN’s with the Train The Trainer Certification through the state of Michigan and with years of experience in patient care and clinical instruction of nurses.  Phlebotomy Career Training’s Nurses Aide Training Program number is as follows: NATP #N09014

Clinical Medical Assistant with 10 Certifications $999 (Online only option $600)

Certifications include Clinical Medical Assistant, IV Tech, Patient Care Tech, EKG Tech, National EKG Exam, Telemetry Tech, National Telemetry Exam, Medication Aide, Clinical Lab Assistant, Phlebotomy Tech.

Classes meet Monday’s and Tuesdays.  Evening classes meet from 5-10pm and daytime classes meet from 8-2pm.

PCT’s clinical medical assistant course is a 12 week program.  Students attend class for 6 hours twice a week for 6 weeks after which they will then come to the school to finish their blood draws.

The medical assistant job description for a clinical assistant is generally more diverse than that of an administrative assistant. The specific duties of a clinical medical assistant are determined by State law, which defines the tasks the assistant may perform in the absence of a physician. A clinical medical assistant is typically allowed to do the following:

  • examine patients and administer medication
  • record the vital signs of a patient and even create a medical record
  • performing laboratory tests
  • taking X-Rays
  • removing sutures
  • dressing wounds
  • authorizing prescriptions.

MEGA 12 (includes all above certifications plus Medical Billing and Coding and Pharmacy Technician) $1500 with payment plans available, all books and study materials are included.  Online option ($750)

SUPER 20 (this program includes all the above certifications along with National exams for Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy and EKG through the AMCA, with Dialysis Technician and Hazardous Materials Handler Certification) This program is $2500 with in house financing available) All books and study materials are included.  Online option ($1500)


Patient Care Technician $500 (Online option $399)

The Michigan patient care technician training classes have an emphasis on the technical tasks that are required to execute personal care to multifaceted patients, with the achievement of the care plans.  These care plans may include anything from respiratory services, rehabilitation skills, EKG and phlebotomy skills under the supervision of nurses.
The American Medical Certification Association will allow students after completing the Michigan patient care technician training the chance to acquire the Phlebotomy Technician and EKG Technician Examinations
After trainees pass the Certification exams, the students will then receive the subsequent three (3) certifications:
  • Patient Care Technician Certification
  • Phlebotomy Technician Certification
  • EKG Technician Certification

Dialysis Technician $750 (Online option $600)

This course is designed to fill the needs of students who desire the skills to work as a medical health care provider in hospitals, dialysis clinics, blood banks, emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.  Students will learn skills that incorporate the following disciplines, phlebotomy, IV insertion, EKG lead placement as well as hands on patient contact and assisting patients with personal care.

. The course includes principles of proper care of the dialysis patient, phlebotomy technique, specimen processing, patient care, maintenance and use of equipment, record keeping and basic principles of anatomy and physiology, disease process, therapeutic communication, and patient assessment

I.V. Technician  $299 (Online  or in lcass)
All students will receive an approved Michigan certificate as a I.V. Technician. Previous medical background as phlebotomist, Medical Assistant, RN, LPN, Physician or Dentist are required.  Many of our students are LPN who are seeking this certification to get into the fast track RN program, Welcome to everyone!

EKG Technician with 4 Certification $459  (Online only)
This is a 4 certification course.  Students will earn their Electrocardiogram Certification, Telemetry Technician (Cardiac Monitor Technician Certification) and will have access to the National Telemetry Certification and the National ECG  exam. Students have up to 6 months to complete this course.   This is an entirely online course.  Students  enrolling in this course will register online and receive unlimited access to PCT’s web based learning platform, which includes videos from classroom lectures, interactive quizzes, exams and much more.  Students will receive an email from their own personal instructor upon registering for the course.  Students can expect their instructor to reach out to them within 24 hours after purchasing course.  A hard copy book will be mailed out to the students after registering.  This course was designed for national and international students seeking certification in the various cardiovascular fields.   The online course meets the national required standards.  Phlebotomy Career Training is a licensed proprietary school in the state of Michigan since 2009.

Pharmacy Technician $1000 (Online option only $400)

The Pharmacy Technician online program is a self paced course in which the student will have personal instruction during their studies.  This course is entirely online and taught by Nancy Kimmel Licensed Pharmacy Technician and RN.  Students will utilize the Davis Drug Guide current edition along with printed materials provided during class. The Davis Drug Guide can be purchased through book sellers and online. Pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists prepare prescription medications, provide customer service, and perform administrative duties within a variety of practice settings, including community, health-system, and federal pharmacy. They are generally responsible for receiving prescription requests, counting tablets, labeling bottles, maintaining patient profiles, preparing insurance claim forms, and performing administrative functions such as answering phones, stocking shelves, and operating cash registers.
Certification is the process by which a non-governmental association or agency grants recognition to an individual who has met predetermined qualifications specified by that association or agency. The PTCE is recognized in all 50 states even though regulations to work as a pharmacy technician vary from state to state. Contact your State Board of Pharmacy for more information. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy is an additional resource.

Telemetry Technician $299 (Online only option)

Cardiac Monitor Technicians are also known as Telemetry Technicians.  They are responsible for recognizing dangerous heart arrhythmia abnormalities and promptly notifying physicians and nurses in charge.  The role of a monitor tech is one that carries a large responsibility.  This is due to the fact that they are usually the only person who knows when a patient is in distress by watching the monitors in front of them.  The job market for Telemetry Technicians is increasing as nurses are given more responsibilities and cannot always monitor their patient’s cardiac rhythms.  Student of this course will learn to recognize over 30 different rhythms as well a the types of medications that are used to treat cardiac abnormalities.  Upon course completion, student’s will be given access to take the National Telemetry Exam.  With this exam they will be certified to work throughout the United States and internationally.  They will receive a certification number that will also be published on the National Telemetry Associations website.

Medical Billing and Coding (includes EMR/EHR review) $600 online only

Hazardous Material Handler $175 (online only)









  1. Hi I contacted your office last week In regards to information about the online phlebotomy classes. I was wondering if you could Email me about this .. Thank you.

  2. Hi im interested in taking up phlebotomy. I was wondering are these online classes. How much do they cost. And can you tell me about the school and requirements.

  3. Hello Deondra
    We have an online and in class phlebotomy course you can take. Our in class course is $750 and online is $299. With our online course you will be required to find an office to complete 25 successful blood draws. Requirements for the course is you must be 18 years or older with a high school diploma or GED
    For more information feel free to call our office 734-762-3220
    Thank you

  4. Hi, my name is Navreet Bhangu. I am a Freshman at MSU. I wanted to know more about the EKG certification course online. If I took this course alongside school, would it be too much on my plate? Also, do you guys include the certification exam, or do we need to buy that?

  5. Hello Navreet:

    Whether or not you can handle the course with school concurrently is entirely up to you. However, you do have up to six months to complete the class. We do include the national exams. Each of these national exams are online.
    Hope this helps,


  6. hello my name is latunya i would like to find out about your IV course I live in the Houston tx area due you think i can use this in my area thanks.

  7. Hello Larry
    The P.C.T course meets 2 days a week for 4 weeks we offer day and evening courses for additional information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5pm

    Thank You


  8. Hi, I would like to know, what do I need to take your Medical Assistant course….scrubs, any shots, and so forth??

  9. Hello, I really am looking to become a phlebotomist but I am curious what the length of the program is??

    Thank you!

  10. Hello Katelyn
    The phlebotomy course meets 1 day a week for 4 weeks you have 6 additional weeks to complete the required 25 blood draws
    For further information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5pm

    Thank You

  11. Hello,

    My name is Tranecia I’m interested in taking the EKG online class , I live in California and I wanted to know if this course is accepted in my state. Also what are the requirements to enroll in the course … Thank you

  12. Hello Tranecia
    We offer the EKG/Telemetry course online for $350 the course also includes both EKG/Telemetry national exam
    You can enroll at anytime online you have 6 months to complete the program for additional information please contact our office
    at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5 pm

    Thank You

  13. Hello I am interested in the Certified Medicine aide. I live in Kentucky. Are the classes all online? How do you enroll for the classes and how long do they take?

    Thank You

  14. Hello, I was wondering if the Clinical Medical Assistant class schedule on the website the same for the Sterling Heights location?

  15. Hello Bianca
    The Sterling Heights Location offers the Medical Assistant program however their schedule is different from the Garden City campus
    For more information please contact the Sterling Heights office at (586)343-4598 Mon-Fri 9-5pm

    Thank You

  16. Hello

    How do I register for the above (online only) Certified Medical Assistant program for $600.00?

    Are students in the online program, responsible for setting up their own externship?

    Thank you

  17. Hello Elli
    You can register online at any time you have up to 6 months to complete your program
    Yes all online students are responsible for obtaining their own clinical’s if the course requires clinical’s
    For additional questions please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5 pm

    Thank You

  18. How different is Phlebotomy training from nursing training? This is something that I have been considering for a while, because I am not sure that I will have the time to do nursing school. I’d appreciate any further tips or information you would like to give me on the career so that I can be sure that this is what I want to do. Thank you!

  19. Hello Brooke,Phlebotomy is very different from nursing school in the fact that nursing school covers many parameters in the medical field to where as Phlebotomy is focused on blood and some lab procedures. Nursing school does not teach nurses how too draw blood or how to start I V,s.

  20. Hello, my name is Lauren
    I’m intersted in taking the online course for medical assistant but my fear is that in case I am not able to find a facility to do the required blood draw (25 if I recall correctly), can the school assist me in doing so?

  21. hi. I was wondering if this is a school for people that have gone to school previously or if its for anyone who is planning on going into the medical field.

  22. Hello Cynthia
    Our school is for everyone those who are looking to gain certifications for the the health field and those who would like to gain more experience in the medical field
    For more information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri

    Thank You

  23. How will i know if my state (IOWA) will recognize the medication aide training course? Is this site accredited? I didn’t read anything about clinical hours. The class at my local community college requires 10 hours of clinical

  24. Hi Joann;

    Our school requires more clinical hours for Medication Technician. Therefore, our certification would most likely be acceptable.

  25. I currently hold my CNA and Cpr certificate .My husband is retired veteran i can go to school free.Can i use my Va. Benefit to cover this

  26. Hello Celethia
    Unfortunately we do not accept VA benefits. For more information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-6 pm Saturday 9-1 pm

    Thank You

  27. Hi, I was interested in the phlebotomy online course but I was wondering once the course finished and the 25 blood draws do we receive a certificate

  28. Hello Crystal
    Yes once you complete the program and the requirements you will receive a certification. For more information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-6 pm Saturday 9-1 pm

    Thank You

  29. Hi,

    I am interested in taking the IV certification course since that will be a very important part in my work environment.

    I am a Research Technician, and I will be taking my certification to becoming a MRI technician in October. I have a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. My responsibilities require contrast administration and we were wondering if I can take the IV certification course.

    Will my qualifications make me eligible to take join the IV certification course?

    Please advice and thank you in advance.


  30. Hello Pavan
    Yes you are more than qualified for more information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-6 Saturday 9-1 pm

    Thank You

  31. I am in texas and was wondering if i take the online phelbotomy class what national exam would i sit for and what would be the cost of the test and would i be able to get a job in housyon texss

  32. Hello Brittany
    Once you have completed the course and the requirements you can sit for a national exam we are accredited with the AMCA and NCCT the exam cost is around $109 for more information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-6 pm Saturday 9-1 pm

    Thank You

  33. Hi John;

    We run the IV class once every 6 weeks. The next IV class will be coming up in July 18th, 2017 from 9-2pm. Keep in mind, you should plan on registering at least 2-3 weeks prior to the in class session to complete the required online modules.

    thanks for writing in,

  34. Hello,

    With the med assistant big 10, will the certification from the school be enough to get a job, or will I need to take the national exam first? Basically, what will I be able to do with the school certification and what is the added benefit to taking the national exam?

  35. Hello Bob
    Yes the certifications you receive will land you a job anywhere in Michigan however if you are out of state or you plan on moving out of state you would need to take a national exam with the national certification’s you could apply in any state with this course you will receive 10 certifications this may open many more opportunities in the health field. For more information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5 pm Saturday 9-12 pm

    Thank You

  36. Hey,
    My name is Anay, and I am new to Michigan area. I am very interested in the phlebotomy course. What if I don’t have volunteers to come in for the blood draws?

  37. Hello Anay
    Students will some times pair up with other students to help them complete their blood draws not all students have volunteers so students work with one another to help each other complete their course
    For more information please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5 pm Saturday 9-12 pm

    Thank You

  38. Please send me information on your next online phlebotomy class. I live in Saginaw, please let me know also if there are labs/hospitals lclose by me that you contract with.

  39. Hello Jennifer
    We do offer many classes here please contact our office at 734-762-3220 Mon-Fri 9-5 pm Saturday 9-1 pm one of are administrators would be more than happy to assist you

    Thank You

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